Friday, November 4, 2011

A review for What’s Eating Your Child?

Kelly Dorfman, “What’s Eating Your Child?”
Is your child cranky, despondent, have regular ear infections, and stomachaches, reflux, extreme anger, speech delays? It might be something in his/her diet keeping them from full health. In Kelly Dorfman’s book called What’s Eating Your Child, Kelly takes you through case studies and shows the connection between food/nutrition and childhood ailments. This is a great resource book for any parent struggling with their children’s allergy needs.
Kelly heals them with delicious food giving them nutrition that their bodies crave. She even talks about pesticide residue and how it affects their health, and gives helpful lists from better to best foods to buy.  She gives clear steps on how, and what to do next.
 Once you read this book, you will have the ability to tell your doctor what’s going on with your child, and feel more confident knowing that you have done the homework.  It is a must have in your “READ NOW” book list and a must have for every parent or parent to be. This is your child. You have the control to make them feel better.
 As the parent, you see them every day; the doctor see’s them occasionally. Put empowerment in your hands and control the outbursts, earaches, anxiety, sensory dysfunction, insomnia, learning disabilities and so much more. Be your own diet detective so you can relax a little and smile more, and they can too. Enjoy this easy to read and understand book, It’s a keeper.

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  1. Oli, thanks for that tip. My kiddos are some of those kids. I feel so lucky that we figured out the gluten issue for them when they were young. Such a relief. I definitely will recommend this to friends whose kids are suffering.