Sunday, November 13, 2011

Here we are at the Gluten Free Expo in San Diego before the rush of people filtered in. It was a really rainy day but about 3,000 people showed up and scoured all the vendors for information. I had the opportunity to be a volunteer  at "The Gluten Free Specialty Neighborhood Market" exhibit table. Lots of families showed up and asked really good questions. The vendors were very helpful with gluten free information and suggestions. If they couldn't help you with something, they would send you to another vendor that they thought could help you. The camaraderie between vendors was awesome.

The expo was swamped and as a volunteer I was hoping to escape to check out some exhibits when there was a slow moment. It was so busy I hardly had time to visit any vendors myself. I did get to taste some samples on the way to my bathroom break.

 I sampled some fudge brownies from "a couple Smart Cookies" that were totally delicious, Joy sugar ice cream cones, granola from Glutenfreeda and their certified gluten free oats sample to take home. There is a new beer called New Planet, I didn't get a chance to really fully check it out but they have 3 flavors, Tread Lightly ale, 3R raspberry Ale, and Off Grid Pale Ale. Find it at a BevMo near you.

 Kettle Cuisine had wonderful smelling soup and I tried to hot foot it over to their table, but by the time I got pass the crowd  everything was gone. So that must tell you something. The samples were all gone which the company rep said has NEVER happened, but then the crowds were unheard of. Lastly I had an opportunity to try Against The Grain Dairy Free Rolls. OMG! I took one roll home and made a sandwich with it. It is the closest taste to real bread have come to.

It was so it was great that San Diego showed up in force. Around 3,000 people showed up. We had vendors from as far away as Sacramento like "The Gluten Free Specialty Neighborhood Market" on J street, down town. They were the first all gluten free store in Northern California. There were over 60 exhibitors, Celiac Disease Foundation, and the Medical Research Center for Celiac Disease also.Thank you all for coming out and supporting  all the gluten free vendors, get your questions answered, and enjoying the Expo. Thank you San Diego for making this highly successful Expo happen. Thank you to all persons that were involved in the event. If you unfortunately missed it, come next time, and don't  miss out on all the food and fun . And did I say FREE SAMPLES?

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