Friday, November 18, 2011

Birthday Extravaganza!

This is my Birthday month...again...yes, another year has passed. I had the most wonderful birthday. My son Michael and his wife Debbie drove all the way from Sacramento. They surprised me with an I-phone from Apple. I think I have to go to college to learn how to work this thing. I have to say I do love it versatile. My son Anthony came along with us to the Gluten Free Expo. The boys went to Guitar Center while we manned the table for "The Gluten Free Specialty" store located down town J street, Sacramento.

There were throngs of people, 3,000 to be exact and we were so busy I hardly had a moment to breath. They just kept coming...which is a good thing. San Diego came in force and really supported the Expo.

After the Expo, we went to dinner at Del Mar Rendezvous and had a scrumptious, sexy, upscale Asian dinner in down town La Jolla. May I say that the food was terrific. We suggested that they have a gluten free desert in the future, like a flour-less cake, with raspberry sauce on top. They liked that idea and wrote it down to discuss it.

  After dinner I was whisked away (another surprise) to the beautiful Hilton Hotel in La Jolla for a lovely nights stay. My bed was so poofy, I was out for the count. Had a fabulous rest and in the morning we got up and went to Ki's Restaurant at the beach in Cardiff by the Sea. I had a Teff breakfast wrap that was wonderful (ask for the GF menu). We had an excellent breakfast with a fantastic view of the pacific ocean.

 Later, off we went to the beach before I had to go to work. The sun was out and shinny clean since it rained like crazy the day before. My son Anthony gave me a Blue Ray DVD player to "bring me into the 21'st century". Funny kid. Just a hoot. All and all, just to see my family was awesome. Thank you Mike, Deb, and Anthony for a fabulous birthday surprise. Loved it...the best birthday ever.

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  1. Happy Birthday to you Oli. Sounds like you've go a good son and are being treated just as a birthday girl should! I hope my grown up kids will do the same for me someday;)

    And Happy Thanksgiving to you as well!