Thursday, February 17, 2011

Real Food is Naturally Gluten Free

We are so grateful to know that all meat animal meat is gluten free so you can have any meat. Always read labels however as the company may "enhance" the product; for instance take a look at bacon. Read what they put in it! Unbelievable. Find one that is pure bacon and nothing else.

 I buy Frazier Farms brand bacon here in San Diego, everything else has corn syrup, nitrates etc. stuff I don't need for my body. Be sure the meat hasn't been marinated, or anything on it (buttermilk) to enhance the package of meat. You can marinade fresh at home yourself.

You can have any fish, most seafood, except imitation seafood, nuts, fresh eggs, beans, seeds, and all the fresh vegetables you want. Fruits are also gluten free. So there is plenty for you to eat.  If you shop mostly the perimeter of the store you will not only save money but eat more healthy. Besides being healthier you will lose weight. When you don't have all the additives in your food it's less calories to work off.

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