Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Pulled Pork-In the Crock Pot

Here is an awesome way to do pork. The first time I heard of doing pork in the crock pot I laughed. I laugh no more. Why worry over the oven when you can do it this way. I like to prep the pork the night before, refrigerate overnight. In the morning before you go to work, pop it into the crock pot and turn on low. When you get home. Dinner is served.

 Buy your pork butt roast...whatever size you need. Oil the inside of the crock pot for easy clean up. Lightly salt and pepper the roast. You may want to stab your pork and insert a little slice of garlic (I do) all over the pork roast. Yum.

 Place the roast inside the crock pot, close the lid, turn on low and walk away. Do NOT lift the lid. It should be ready by dinner, you will have a wonderful roast ready to eat. The beauty of did hardly anything. All you have to do for dinner is throw some bakers (potatoes-be sure to stab them a couple of times, you don't want to clean up the mess when they blow up) in the microwave for 5 minutes, while you make a salad.

Note: You can also (if you are home) top your pork with chutney or your favorite toppings 1 hr. before serving. Remember. Each and every time you open the lid it takes 30 minutes for it to heat back up to the proper heat level. So adjust time accordingly.

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