Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Choice Batter-for frying

I am so in love with Choice Batter I have used it to make the most fabulous chicken nuggets, fish nuggets, onion rings, mushrooms and zucchini's.

The first time I tried it I used it for onion rings, I made it with water and wow! The second time I went all out ...instead of water I used Red Bridge Gluten Free Beer! I had just found the beer in our local Frazier Farms Market! They were light and tasty. I ate all of it by myself. I haven't had onion rings in over 10 years. Now I can enjoy them again and again.

 I tried it next on zucchini-yellow and green. Made them with water and they were spectacular!

 I make good chicken nuggets normally but this was so easy and tasty that I couldn't wait to try it on fish, again I used it with the rest of the beer, light and airy almost tempura like.. LOVED it.  I am dieing to try it on shrimp.

You need not add anything unless you want to, it is perfectly blended with just the right amount of seasonings. I have nothing but good things to say about this product. They deliver what they say it is. Kudos to you Choice Batter!

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