Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Pamela's Bread Mix

Do you like bread too? Don't want the fuss of lots of measuring stuff out? Try Pamela's Bread Mix. I love this mix. Just follow the easy to do instructions on the back of the package. This company is consistent in their products. I know when I buy Pamela's it is going to be good each and every time.

 I love to make rolls. Bring out your cupcake pan and use a 1/4 cup dry measure cup, oiled or sprayed with oil of choice, and scoop dough from the bowl into each oiled cupcake space. Wet your finger with water or milk and smooth tops. You can also cross cut them or just leave them rustic. Your choice.

These come out beautiful each and every time. I love rolls because I can throw them into the freezer and just use what I need when I need them. The last time I made them I made pulled pork in the crock pot (you have to do yum) and used the rolls to make great sandwiches with a little Oli's mayo. OMG. They were divine. They are good for lunches, soups, stews or just to eat because they are that good. Yummy with different butters.

If you make them bigger you can make hamburger buns/sandwich buns. Just add some dried or chopped onions on top or sesame seeds or even poppy seeds. Wow! Before I forget, you can also make them look like the bakery bought rolls by taking a 1/4 cup of dough (oil your hands) and sort of roll it into a ball and roll the ball into flour of choice and bake. Very pretty. Add nuts, raisins, or other chopped bits of fruit too.

Have fun and try different things, but most of all enjoy the taste of fresh homemade bread. Your neighbors will be jealous of the smells emanating from your house.

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