Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Brown Rice

Do any of you have problems making brown rice on the stove like I do? I don't know what the heck I do to it but most of it is stuck in the pan when I am through cooking it. It seemed like such a waste. It never came out completely cooked throughout the grain after 45 minutes of cooking. If the flame was too high I would burn it, if it was too low it would take over an hour!

 It's suppose to be so healthy for you, so it was upsetting to me that my nutrition was stuck to the pan, not to my ribs. Besides the money invested going down the drain is irritating. After cooking there is the stuck on food that you have to soak, and the fun cleaning it up.

Well, I figured out a way to do it in the oven and clean up is easy and you get to eat most of it. Get out your oven-ware! Yes! I got out my corning ware quart dish and oiled the inside with olive oil. Proceed with the directions on preparation (I used hot water or broth) but instead of doing it on the stove-top, put it in the oven, covered, at 350 for 45 minutes.

Walk away and do not open the door. Your rice will come out beautiful. If it still seems too wet take the lid off of the last 10 minutes of cooking. Remember each oven is different. It will come out completely cooked and delicious. It's the only way I do brown rice now.

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