Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Casein or caseinate is found in cow’s milk, goat milk and human milk. My son has a cerebral allergy to milk. He used to tantrum from the time he got up to the time he went to bed. Melt down after melt down all day long. Talk about exhausting!

Once taken off the milk, tantrums were down to 1 every 3 days, after about a week, once a week. It was a miracle. After about 3 months there were hardly any tantrums to speak of. 

Milk, for me was different. It clogs my sinus, coats my throat and lungs and it’s hard to breathe. Lots of foods contain casein. It hides in all kinds of food. Here are some common forms:

Foods that  may contain casein

Coffee Creamers
Creamed Soups and Vegetables
Half & Half
Ice Cream
Ice Milk
Milk (all bovine milk and milk products contain casein including breast milk)
Puddings Custard
Sour Cream Cheese
Soup Bases
White or Milk Chocolate
Some  other foods that might contain casein
Artificial Flavorings

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