Thursday, February 17, 2011


Hard liquors are made generally with corn such as Scotch, Vodka, Wisky etc. They are made from grains that are glutinous. Distillation is suppose to remove the gluten according to the manufacturers, thereby making them safe to consume. However their is still a lot of controversy about this topic. Proceed at your own risk.  Forget it, if corn is a problem for you. They do make a potato Vodka that is GF but it is very expensive.

Beer however, is made from grains and thereby contain gluten so are not safe. There are some new gluten free beers on the market now. Check with BevMo for their selection. Frangelico and Tequila are gluten free.

Keep in mind that alcohol that is consumed with even a tiny amount of gluten can intensify a reaction if there is a tiny gluten boo boo. So it's best to just avoid it. Some people have intestinal infections that create a poor reaction to alcohol and will make you very sick. Why take the chance.

Wine is generally safe but I would stay away from nitrates etc. Check with the manufacture.

Always read the label and when in doubt go without. Always check with the manufactures or go online for an answer to your alcohol questions.

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