Monday, January 31, 2011

Stand Mixer

I love my Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer. I have had it for over 13 years and it is still working just fine. I use it a lot for bread making, cakes, pies, cookies and a whole host of other goodies. I don’t know what I would do without it. The great thing is that it comes in lots of colors, it’s sturdy and does the job.

It also has attachments! I have been wanting the pasta maker, and the ice cream maker…I stupidly got rid of a brand new Ice cream maker years ago when I thought I wouldn’t need it. I could kick myself. The good news is all I have to do it, is buy the attachments and I am good to go!

They come with a warranty and will give you many good years of service. or look on Again, I bought mine at Costco.

You will need a sturdy mixer for making bread. You won't need a dough hook, a paddle will do fine. A hand held will NOT cut it, it will burn out. Remember no gluten use ever.

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