Monday, January 31, 2011


Baby girl, do a favor for yourself and buy yourself a really good blender. you can also find them on Amazon. This thing will make the best smoothies, milk shakes, blend creamy soups and makes an incredible pumpkin pie. This is worth the money. This thing will do hand stands for you.

But oh how I wish I could have one of these. What a time saver. Guys love it because it can practically crush a car! It’s almost a man tool’s tool. They love making BBQ sauce in it. Women love it because it does tons of stuff, it’s fast and efficient. Kids love it (adult supervision) because it makes great shakes, smoothies and puddings.I personally would love a Blend-Tec blender. 

Vita Mix is another brand that stands up to lots of use. Both of these are pricey but well worth the money. You won’t need another blender for a very long time; I have yet to see a used one for sale. 

(Note: it must be new, with no gluten use) I just have a cheapy blender and it’s sounding very old as of late. Regular ones just don’t hold up like the Blend-Tec. 

There are many on the market that claim to do lots of things. I am not impressed with the ones that have 15 speeds. Get yourself a basic blender that is rugged (do your research) as you will probably use it a lot. I got my last one at CostCo that I have had for about 15 years so I am due for a new one...(It's making weird sounds). Check out what all the brand names have, see what they offer and go from there. I like them bottom heavy for stability. Easy cleaning with a glass bowl, not plastic which can crack, at least 6 speeds and did I say easy cleaning? Buy the best blender you can afford and for your lifestyle.  but make your life as simple and easy as possible.

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