Monday, January 31, 2011

Rice Cookers

Well, let’s talk a little about rice cookers. There isn't much to say about them except they are pretty basic. You must keep them for GF foods only. Not only can you cook rice in them but you can cook soups and stews too. Almost like a crock pot. If all your ingredients are from a can or pre-cooked, like leftover cooked meat that you could use in a stew or chili; this would be fine. Crock pots take 6 to 8 hrs to cook.

The rice cooker generally takes 20 minutes. If you just want to heat something up like soup on a cold winter day..this is perfect. It lets you do other things that need to be done. If you ever crack your pot DO NOT use it. Buy a new insert or a new rice cooker.

Let’s start with what to look for. Buy the size and type you think you need for your family or celiac persons. I love rice and try different kinds all the time. Some have exact settings.You may want a rice cooker that does it all and you don’t have to do anything. Or you may want one with special timers etc. for different rices. It’s your choice. I prefer ease of use, cleaning, and a steamer (recommended).

Be sure you get a removable bowl and steamer. This little steamer attachment saved me precious time with my autistic child. While the rice was cooking it also steamed my veggies. With chicken baking in the oven, I could spend valuable time with my child instead of being in the kitchen. I love to cook but some days….errrrrrr. Ya know?
There are many options on the market. I prefer basic but every family is different with different needs. This is to remain gluten free only.

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