Monday, January 31, 2011

Olinda’s Decadent Lotion

Try this mixture and see how it works for you. You can adjust it to your own liking. This leaves the skin silky smooth and it doesn’t take much. It is unscented and free from all additives. Put this on after your shower…you won’t want anything else.

Can be doubled
  • 1    Tablespoon Pure Shea Butter       (for healing and moisture)
  • 2    Tablespoons Pure Aloe Vera Gel (for healing and moisture)
  • 4    Tablespoons Pure Almond Oil     (for moisture)
  • 4    Drops of Grapefruit oil (for antiseptic properties & shelf life)
  • 4    Squirts of Vitamin E oil                (for healing and moisture)


  1. In a deep Pyrex glass measuring cup, mix all ingredients with a hand held Braun blender until completely smooth. 
  2. Pour into clean dry jar. (You may use a regular blender dedicated to creating lotions only) Do yourself a favor and buy a new blender that you have been wanting and use the old one for lotions.

*I used an old spice glass jar that contained garlic. I washed it out and dried it and it holds the right amount. This makes about 1/2 of a spice jar. Which doesn’t seem like much but you don’t need much.

*I prefer making small batches as I don’t know how long the shelf life would be for this product.

*You can add or remove whatever you want. You can add coconut oil, olive oil, grape seed oil, or any oil of your choice, mint, and natural scents if you prefer them. There are products that can stretch your lotion like glycerin but many people can’t handle these products. I prefer the clean feel and touch of this decadent lotion.

*This may seem expensive but it is better than going to the doctor’s office or throwing away the over scented, glutened lotions you buy in the store. It’s always fresh when made in small batches. You also know what exactly is in your product. It works for me; I hope it works for you.

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