Saturday, September 28, 2013


This is so ridiculously easy that you have to try it at least once. Then your gonna be hooked. Nobody loves Vanilla more than me. It's so versatile and works with just about everything you can bake or make a desert with. You have time to make this before Christmas for gift giving. Make several different kinds and share! The cost per 4 ounces is only about $2.50. How about that!


4 whole vanilla beans (I like Madagascar but it's fine to mix up the different kids of beans) *
2 cups potato vodka (I use Blue Ice from BevMo, it's corn free)*


  1. Place vanilla beans and liquor in a container, ( just use the liquor bottle itself) seal tightly and give it a good shake.
  2. Store in a dark cabinet for at least 6 week, turning or shaking occasionally.
  3. When the extract has reached the depth of flavor that you prefer (I like mine rich) you can remove the vanilla beans to be used in a recipe or make vanilla sugar with them. 
  4. You can just leave them in for a really deep vanilla flavor.
  5. Store in either a dark container or in a dark cabinet.
* You can also poke a few holes for the vodka to slip into. I like to keep them whole so it is a clearer vanilla. You can split them if you want but know it will be cloudy and you will have to pour the mix over cheesecloth a few times.

* For those of you that can tolerate liquor made with corn etc. You can also use Bourbon. You can use any vodka you choose, we just happen to be corn free also. Then there's the GMO thing associated with corn based products too. 

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