Monday, July 30, 2012

Ready to Rock with my blender

My hip has healed and I still have some restrictions that I gotta adhere to but I can go back to work; according to my doctor. I think taking it slow is in order (we will see how that goes) and now I can get back into the kitchen...I have been looking for Popsicle molds at Target etc. They have disappeared and I must have missed them somehow. I will have to look online and see if anything is on sale so I can make my coconut/mango Popsicles.

The Black and Decker company finally (after 16 weeks) sent my blender blades in the mail. Why exactly does it take that long may I ask? Really? Anyway, I have to try it out on Popsicles now. I made Chocolate Buckwheat pie with Mike and Deb (she has a BlendTec), I am so envious.  It was a beautiful, very smooth, chocolate pie. Go to July 25th and read the adventure we had in her kitchen in Sacramento.

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