Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Moss Graffiti

This is lots of fun to do…I am not a graffiti person but you have to try this yourself to marvel at it. Find a north facing wall. It looks best on brick (the older the better I think), rock or concrete walls. The walls can be any size. Draw out your design in pencil. Make the following recipe and watch what happens over time.

  • 1 can of beer or (1 ½ cups buttermilk)
  • a few good handfuls of fresh moss (you can get ant ay Lowe’s etc store)
  • 1 teaspoon of sugar ( any kind)

  1. Whiz everything together in a blender until thoroughly blended.  Set aside.
  2. Draw your design onto the wall so you can see the pattern.  Try not to be too detailed. Simplicity is best until you have done this a time or two.
  3. Grab a paint brush (2 to 4 inch) or whatever you’re comfortable with and dip it into the mixture and paint your wall. Let it dry.
  4. Every couple of days mist it to keep it moist but not dripping. Watch your design grow each week.

Note: You may have to go back a week or two and do it again to thicken up the moss if it seems too thin. This is a great way to do something harmless. You can always scrape it off and scrub the area with a brush let it dry and try again. Fall is a great time to do this since it is still warm enough for the moss to grow, and get its moisture from the air.

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  1. So cool!! I've never heard of such a thing.