Tuesday, April 19, 2011

How to Carve a Leg of Lamb

Leg of lamb is a delicious cut of meat, and great for a party—a six-pounder feeds at least eight people. A leg is trickier to slice than a loin, though, because the fibers of the meat go in several directions and you have to deal with the bone. Here's how to carve and serve with style.

1.      Find the meatiest part of the leg.
2.      Flip it so the least-meaty part (opposite the meatiest) is on top.
3.      Cut a small slice off the top, making a flat edge to steady the roast.
4.      Lay the meat on this edge.
5.      Using the shank bone as a guide, cut parallel to
 the bone, as close to it as you can get.
6.      Use a long, thin, sharp knife and remove a big piece of meat.
7.      Remove the rest of the meat in large pieces.
8.      Cut the meat pieces crosswise against the grain into thin slices.
       (You'll be able to see the fibers. Cut perpendicular to them.)
10.   Arrange the slices on a platter, using tarragon and mint sprigs
       as a garnish. 
11.  Congratulate yourself. You're good to go.

Source: www.bon appetite.com

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