Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Sofella Cake Mix

Lucky for me I won some http://www.sofellafoods.com/about.html Sofella chocolate cake and baking mix. Unfortunately for me I am corn free. I tried it anyway. I was sooo excited! I made my Sofella chocolate cake the 1st time, and it came out moist and delicious. This is my "go to" cake. I can only say good things about their products except that I do wish it were corn free.

The 2nd time I made a chocolate layer cake and used truffle frosting in the center of the cake, and regular chocolate frosting on the outside. OMG. I called it my Hollywood cake because I could surely serve it to fancy people. If they didn't like it, then they were, ...well,....stupid.

Next I made Halloween cupcakes which turned out great, the kids loved them. I piped in frosting from the bottom like a hostess cupcake, topped it with a little more frosting and set some little hand pinball games on them and some spiders. Great fun!

I decided to do a little experimenting with it. I used a jar of baby prunes in a measuring cup and filled the rest of the way with oil up to the 2/3 rds mark. It still came out just fine. My son ate 2 pieces so I know it was good. So if you need to cut the fat in your diet but still want the goodies, try it this way. I want to try sour cream in it too. If any readers have tried it with sour cream please let me know how it turned out!

Their baking mix is good too! I have made wonderful pancakes with it. I used it in my impossible pumpkin pie recipe (my favorite so far) and for thickening, and on top of chicken....anything I could try it on, it was so versatile and user friendly! You can purchase it at Fresh and Easy.

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