Monday, February 21, 2011

Shopping Tips from the Journal of Sensitivity

Shop the perimeter of the store. Stick with fresh meat, eggs and all the veggies you want. Potatoes, brown rice (brown rice stores for a very long time) and beans can go in soups, stews and salads and is used in Mexican foods.

Find a gluten free bakery and buy day old bread, buy several loaves and freeze. Need croutons? Cut the bread in little 1/2 inch squares and spray a cookie sheet with oil of choice. Lay the bread squares on the cookie sheet (or parchment paper...I swear by this stuff) and lightly spray the tops of the bread. At this point you can season the bread  if you wish. Pop in the oven at 200 or 350 (depending on your patience  level) until golden brown. Turn the squares over and finish until Toasted (not black). Let cool completely and put in Zip lock bags for the freezer. They are ready to go into salads in a moments notice or as stuffing in a bird. For bread crumbs chop the bread and put in a food processor or a blender, put in Zip lock bags and store.

Gardening is becoming a popular activity more than ever. Especially with the economy being like it is it seems like everyone has some sort of garden. It's fun and you get plenty of exercise plus all the fresh produce you can eat and give away. I love my herb garden, I have several types of chives, Italian and regular parsley, cilantro and my green beans on poles. I have tomato plants, two kinds, cherry tomato and regular. This year I want to add Italian tomatoes to my garden. Don't have room? Put them in pots like I do. A bay leaf tree is a must. Fresh bay leaf is so much better in soups and stews or roasts (It's so expensive in the stores). I keep it small and in a  large pot. It is just right for me. I also have my beloved Rosemary..which I use constantly. Be sure to buy the edible rosemary not the ornamental kind. Don't forget the mint! A must in every Portuguese home; that and a rooster in the kitchen for good luck.

Cook only what you need. We all eat way too much food. I make more however because I use it in another taking it to work and heating it up in the microwave. Everyone always wants to know what I am cooking up while they eat their "sandwich" "chips" and fatty deserts. Only eat until you are satiated, not when your full. There is so much less to work off.

Absolutely  NO SODAS! They are so high in corn syrup...helping to promote diabetes, and so expensive in the sense of what it is going to do to your body in the future. Sodas are the scourge of mankind.  They do nothing for your health except ruin it. Corn syrup is in just about everything from your bacon to cereal, to all your "healthy" bars. READ the ingredients labels you will be shocked as I was. Instead make your own's easy. Get a jug and wash and slice a lemon. Put in ice and the lemon slices. Squeeze about 4 to 6 juicy lemons and add to the jug. Add water and stir, sugar it to taste with sugar in the raw (not white) . Adjust taste. Serve with a little mint sprig and maybe a slice of lemon.

Also today on podcast they were talking about the USDA has made a "bread" that they consider acceptable for the USDA approval. They have found a way to take the Z-end (or z-enn..couldn't figure out the spelling of it) fat protein (corn) and remove most of it. Now the bread stays moist and sticks together. Well, that is great for others but for those of us here that can't have corn....forget it. It wasn't clear if they considered corn an allergen. Hello?We will have to wait and see what happens with this one.

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