Thursday, February 24, 2011

I LOVE shopping here!

Here where I live in North County of San Diego, I had a hard time shopping for products. I had to shop at 5 different stores to get the things I needed. It took a lot of time and effort. I found a store closer to my home and begged and begged them to carry more gluten free foods. To my dismay they changed the name of the store and moved to a new location.

I didn't know at the time this may be my one place to shop. Once I found it I started calling  Frazier Farms and asking if they had this or that...why not? Could they get it? Would they get it? Why can't they get it. I had all my friends call too. They were doing better but they really still needed more. I was shopping down to 3 stores by then. I gave them GFREETV's card and told them to watch their reviews and they would know which products were good to purchase.

 Hallelujah, hallelujah! Now they practically are a mecca of gluten free foods and getting better every day. I am not saying I am the sole person nagging them, I am saying that I think it helped to launch their gluten free food selection, and the fact that gluten free is now being acknowledged as a serious way for them to make money. I now only shop 2 stores. What a time saver it has been. I love my store,(oooh, I caught myself...look how territorial I am) always clean and full of things we can actually eat. The bulk of my paycheck goes to them but I know I have quality, safe food to eat. And NO GMO's to my knowledge (I have asked several times) must be stated.

They have learned about cross contamination and actually understand it. Their staff is informed. They try to get in foods that you would like. I recently asked and asked if they would bring in King Arthur Flour since they already had the regular flours in already, it would only take asking the distributor for the gluten free version. This flour is awesome by the way. Pricey, but excellent product. They have been in the flour business 50 years they know what they are doing, and it's made in a separate facility!

So stay encouraged! Keep a positive attitude and give them lots of kudos for bringing in the things you like...and thank them profusely. Find a friend and buy a case and split it if you have to. It may be cheaper that way.

Just because they may not have it now, doesn't mean they won't later. Keep asking your grocer. When they get enough requests (the squeaky wheel gets the grease right?) they will do something about it.

Thank you Frazier Farms for doing such a fabulous job and having a helpful, friendly, knowledgeable staff.

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