Thursday, February 17, 2011

Good First Step

I was laying in bed last night pondering the day, wondering what best would help the new diagnosed Gluten Free person. I was in Frazier Farms the other day and a woman behind me said "I noticed you have gluten free food, are you Celiac"? Yes, I said, I am. Well, she says, you don't follow a strict diet do you? I mean you sometimes cheat a little". "I am newly diagnosed she said". I smiled at her and said, absolutely NOT!

 She was very taken aback. Why? she asked. Are you kidding? I started to explain things to her and what happens when she does cheat, but it is her body and she can do what she wanted. She said her DOCTOR said she could cheat a little. I was floored. I told her no way! Fire him and get another doctor that understands Celiac! Why, she asked? Well, first of all there is no money in it for them. Once you are on the diet and get better, you don't need them much. You know what to do for yourself.

 If you cheat you will ruin your body and you WILL need him. A lot. Oh my goodness, I told her, if you or a friend has access to the internet go to and read, read, read. Inform yourself. She and her husband put down their gluten-ed foods and left the building. I didn't mean to frighten them but they need to know the reality of their diagnosis. I can't imagine a doctor saying that to a patient!

 One of the best things to do is know thy enemy. Find out all you can about Celiac. I've found an easy to read book that talks in simple language for all to understand. Its called The Gluten Effect by Doctors Vikki & Richard Petersen, D.C., C.C.N. and founders of the Health NOW Method.

This book is something I wish I had before I started Anthony's and my diet. It tells, how widespread GF is, why, how, and what to expect. It go's into the diseases that you can be susceptible to. Why you have to be vigilant about your care and the truth about being gluten free. It talks about "Falling off the Wagon", and making "Informed Choices" for yourself. You are in control of your diet and your life. Don't let gluten control you. Cost is about 16.95 but to me, good information is priceless.

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