Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Crock Pot Pork Ribs

I am making these (his request) for my sons graduation from High School this year. This is one of his favorites and mine too as the cooking part is at a minimum and that leaves time for other things, and to make the graduation cake and the rest of the meal. I almost feel guilty about the simplicity of this dish. You have to try this at least once to appreciate it. It's a keeper.

This is so easy it's ridiculous. Go buy however many Pork Ribs you think you can fit into your Crock Pot. Rinse them with fresh water and dry them with paper towels. Pop them into the Crock Pot...you don't have to do anything fancy here and very lightly sea salt and pepper them. Throw on the lid and put on low and cook for about 7 hrs.

Drain all the juice/moisture in the pot and add your favorite GF BBQ sauce and 1 bay leaf.... making sure everything is covered and cook for at least an additional hour or more. The meat will literally fall off the bone. I just let it cook until the rest of the meal is almost done, then I turn it off to rest.

Serve a big beautiful green salad with this and some GF rolls. I use Pamela's bread mix and make delicious rolls with it. IF there are any Pork Ribs left for the next day, they make awesome sandwiches with the leftover rolls for lunch. You can freeze them too for another meal. YUM! 

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