Friday, June 22, 2012

Mikko restaurant review

My sister Eva and I were running around town one day and we were starving. We found a Japanese Cuisine restaurant called Mikko off highway 5 in Carlsbad on Carlsbad Village Dr.  Just off the freeway, it's convenient for a quick bite to eat.  You can also take highway 101 turn left on Carlsbad Village Drive, and go east until just before the 5 freeway, it's on the right. They were busy enough with only one waitress that day. It took a while to get our order taken.

I ordered sushi only....seemed to be the only safe food. The tempura looked wonderful...but no can do. We got our food and it looked delicious. You must ask for gluten free for each thing you order. Make sure the sushi chef understands the "gluten free" (talk to him yourself) as there was sauce on the eel which was delicious. My sister calls it desert sushi. I saved it for last and I agree...desert sushi. The sauce on it finished off the eel. They use soy sauce normally, but have them use tamari instead.

We had a great time. It wasn't fancy but if you are hungry and buzzing down to San Diego and need to stop, here would be a good place. Eva gave it a 3.5. For me it was safe food and good too as I don't eat out much.

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  1. Hey there Oli, I am so happy that more and more Japanese restaurants are getting hip to Tamari. It opens up a whole new world for us GF folks.
    By the way, every single restaurant I've been to in Capri has has gluten-free pasta and has known all about Celiac. If only the US were that way... Maybe some day?
    I hope you are well,