Tuesday, May 15, 2012

CostCo Summer Sausage Buy!

Went to a mothers day lunch where Chicken Sausage was served. It's by the makers of Casual Gourmet. It's pork, gluten, msg, and nitrite free! It has chicken, roasted red pepper, spinach, chicken broth, salt, spices, paprika, celery, garlic and a beef casing. It was delicious, and not too spicy. I would use this in any meal for children, you could put it in pasta dishes, spaghetti, stuffing, pizza, or omelets, almost anything. They have several different flavors to choose from...be sure to read ingredients.

You can find this gem at your local CostCo. These are not "little" sausages, these are  a good size. I would love to take some home to BBQ with some home made Pamela's bread/rolls. No milk, corn or gluten...I am happy. Item # 506567 For mor information call 877-243-3557

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