Monday, July 18, 2011

Quick Hot Fudge for one

Today I wanted Hot Fudge for my Tempt Vanilla Ice Cream. I don't know why I haven't done this before. My son doesn't care for chocolate all that much (blasphemy)  but I love it. I had a hankering so I quickly whipped this up.

 Depending on the type of chocolate chip/milk and butter you use, you will have to adjust your recipe and use this one as a guide and play with it for the products you use. I used Earth balance buttery spread (original), Trader Joe's chocolate chips, coconut milk and real GF vanilla.

You may want yours with more chocolate but this was plenty for me. Just add more chips. Enjoy!


  • GF butter of choice
  • GF Chocolate chips of choice
  • Coconut milk (plain or vanilla) or milk of choice
  • GF Vanilla


  1. Put a couple of teaspoons of butter into a microwave custard cup.
  2. Add about a tablespoon of Coconut milk (plain), and heated up for about 10 seconds so that the butter is melted into the milk.
  3. Add about 2 to 3 Tablespoons of chocolate chips and melt them for about 12  seconds and stir until blended. Heat it at 10 second intervals until you get the "proper consistency" for hot fudge, stir after each 10 seconds... Just getting thick but still runny.
  4. Stir in a little tiny GF vanilla and drown it in your ice cream. Whew! Awesome.
Note: many recipes call for more sugar and corn syrup or GF rice syrup. This is plenty sweet enough with the ice cream. Less calories to work off right? Muahhh

Source: Olinda Paul


  1. Oli,
    I like your style - hot fudge for one! My hubbie just made chocolate sauce too (though not with yummy coconut milk). I have to say all these frozen treats and irresistible sauces are getting dangerous for me;) Who can resist?
    By the way do you know about "Coconut Bliss?" It is one of the best non-dairy gf desserts out there! Getting hungry now...

  2. E,
    Do I know Coconut Bliss? I LOVE this ice cream and it's my usual fare for alternative ice cream. My store doesn't carry VANILLA of all things so I have to opt for Tempt...which is a good alternative too.
    I won some Coconut Bliss, which was awesome..I love Mint Galactica, the Chocolate and the Chocolate Hazelnut...the Cherry Amaretto is awesome and elegant too. You can't turn these down. Check out GFree TV for our night of ice cream.
    We polished off the Tempt last night and had to make more sauce. (oh darn) Turned out great. Tell me about dangerous! Hope I can fit that dress for a wedding I have to go to next week.
    ...I'm going to have to work on a caramel sauce for one...they are usually way too sweet. But I am hopeful. Have any idea's for that one? I am all ears!