Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Bon Bon's!

Who does not like Bon Bon's? Come on. This is a very old recipe from my aunt and uncle. We used to sit around their little table in the winter and make these for the holidays. It was great fun and we got to taste test a little when we were done. She had a tiny little kitchen but so much good food came out of there.

I miss the smells in the kitchen and the roaring fire in the little living room. I can still imagine the clock bonging every hour. I so enjoyed myself.

Enjoy making your own memories when making your Bon Bon's. It's great family fun for everyone, and tasty too. Pack them in pretty little boxes or tins to give away. Easter is coming up. Change the shape and make easter eggs out of them!

Make white chocolate (like the chocolate below) and create different colors for the eggs. Watch eyes light up. Don't forget the fudge! Check out my revamped dairy free version that came out incredible. So very rich and beautiful.

½ pound butter room temperature
3 boxes powdered sugar
12 oz. flaked coconut sweetened
1 can sweetened condensed milk
4 cups chopped walnuts
1 tsp vanilla.
1. Put wax paper or parchment on a cookie sheet to set bon bons on.

2. Mix all the ingredients together. This is very difficult to stir. Get  someone with muscles to help.

3. Form into bite size balls. Place in fridge while you heat up the chocolate.

Chocolate Mixture:

2 large packages of GF chocolate chips (Guittard’s)
½ square of paraffin

1. Melt the chopped paraffin and chocolate together in a double boiler. Be sure no water touches the bottom of the pan/bowl.

2. Dip the bon bons one at a time into the chocolate mixture making sure they are completely covered  and set back on the cookie sheet to cool.

Note: You can also get drained cherries and put bon bon material around the cherry and dip them in chocolate. Yum! You can also add mint or cherry flavoring to the bon bon mixture.

Source: Carl and Mary Hartman/Jeanna Orth

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