Monday, February 7, 2011

Pressure Cooker

I got this little gem from my sister Eva for my birthday a few years ago. My mother had one for pot for her whole life and it’s still kicking. I have tried everything in my pot. I made roast, soups, chilis, I even canned with it, all in half the time. Soups take minutes not hours. The same goes for roasts, chicken, pork, etc. I think she bought this one at Bed Bath and Beyond on sale for about $15 bucks. 

Of course there are others that are fancier than mine but I don’t need one anymore than what I have. It is just right for my lifestyle. It is easy to clean. Read and follow directions. With a little practice you will become a pro. You will love yours too. or watch the sales at home stores. Mine is a double handled pot. Get the size you think you need for your family or yourself.

Go online and they have wonderful recipes and tips for cooking a delicious meal. I have a wonderful easy recipe for Thai Butternut soup. There are many Pressure Cooker books available. Just be sure all ingredients are adapted to be gluten free and you are good to go.

*Do not save food in the pot in the fridge.
*Do not put the rubber ring in the fridge or dishwasher (I wash by hand)
*Maintain and clean the spouts each and every time to prevent clogging.
This pot will last you for years.

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